By Katie Roth

Years ago (when I ran a temporary staffing agency) I told a candidate it would be appropriate to write a thank you note to the client after the interview.  The young man (who was just out of high school and not ready for higher education), to his credit, admitted to me he did not know what to write.  I was a little taken aback but it made me realize not everyone grows up in a household where thank you notes are written.  In my husband’s household, his children could not cash a check or spend any monetary gift until they had written and mailed the note!

While now we deal with mostly experienced candidates and they understand the importance of sending a thank you note after an interview, ResumeBuilder.Com has some great tips for beginners or anyone who wants to improve their thank you note writing skills.   I included the web address below but here are some of their suggestions:

  • No more than a page
  • Use good quality paper and a pen
  • Include your business card (my daughter got an internship a couple months after a job fair because they kept her thank you note which included her “business” card).

For actual examples and more information, be sure to go to the website below.

And while in this day and age an emailed thank you is acceptable; nothing beats a handwritten note.  Now that more in person interviews are being conducted, we even suggest writing it in your car after and bringing it into the receptionist to give to the interviewer!


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