By Katie Roth

That old to-do list standby–conquering your email inbox–has only gotten more challenging with the shift to remote work. What might have been a quick cubicle stop-by is now yet another electronic missive. And experts say that the abundance of messages is ironically making it less likely that employees will pay attention to any one of them. It’s a classic lesson of ‘less is more’: humans’ limited capacity to process data means that the more information is exchanged, the less will be absorbed.

Company leaders can use four strategies to ensure the most important messages get through.

  • Streamline

First, identify what you need to say and who needs to hear it. Cutting the fluff and winnowing down your communication to the most important information ensures the critical functions of your business are front and center. And by paring recipients down to those who actually need to hear it, you’ll make certain people pay attention when their inbox lights up.

  • Break it up

Then, consider when you’re sending the information and how much you’re sending at a time. Often, longer emails can be broken up into bite-sized installments, which are more likely to be read and to garner a response.

Similarly, an email sent in the lead-up to a project is more likely to be utilized than one sent months ahead of time.

  • Take stock

Re-evaluate your communication processes as you go, and tweak as needed. Set aside five minutes on the first of each month, for instance, to take stock of the health of your company’s communication, and how you can improve it in the weeks to come.

  • Choose a lane

Emails and phone calls are old stand-bys for a reason, but text messaging, video calls, and instant messaging systems, like Slack, all have their place as well. Consider the best avenue for each message. If there is a small correction only one employee needs to know, a quick text message might be best. If you are trying to do a broad update on the status of a project, a video conference might allow you to better gauge your team’s progress.

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Source:  IndustryWeek.Com, Making “Less is More” Your Communication Mantra by Sean Fields and Michael Sanders, March 3, 2021


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