by Stephanie Cox

Working from home has become increasingly common because of the COVID pandemic. Whether or not this is a permanent change remains to be seen, however many companies and employees are seeing the benefits of this modified set up. On the other hand, WFH presents several unique challenges of its own. The freedom of isolation gives way to loneliness sometimes, which is why RC Search Group has gathered these tips to help adjust!

  • Make a Routine
    • Setting boundaries between your work life and your personal life is important. For example, keep your usual pre-work routine. At night, set a clear ‘cut off’ point after which you can focus on personal activities only. This can help keep your work from sliding too far into your personal life.
  • Unplug Frequently
    • Screens have become so focal to everything in both our personal and work lives that it is important to turn our full attention elsewhere every now and then. A book or hobby, for example, can help our brains reset and process all the digital information flowing in.
  • Move It, Move It
    • Another great way to stay mentally steady is to exercise in some form or fashion. Light exercise counts – 15 minutes down the street and back gets you fresh air and your legs stretched.
  • Set a Plan
    • Whether you have an abundance or small windows of alone time, develop a plan for those times. It does not have to be a firm plan, more just a way to avoid ruminating too much on any anxieties that isolation might cause.
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