By Katie Roth

In the earlier months of 2020, many industries rapidly shifted to work-from-home and dynamic scheduling. Now, as news of a potential vaccine could be available mid-next year, many companies are addressing how to effectively return to the office.  RC Search Group helps organizations find great recruits to adapt and succeed in the post-shutdown era. Here are four great tips we have found for returning to work.

  1. Foster a Welcoming and Safe Environment
    • Giving extra care and attention to returning employees is critical for morale. Coming back into a half-empty office can be stressful for anyone, especially given the new safety concerns. Keeping new preventative procedures out front while promoting in-office community is key to a smooth transition.
  2. Individualized Communication
    • Great communication has always been part of a productive office atmosphere. Now it is more critical than ever! Keeping a returning workforce ‘in-the-know’ can make a big difference on morale. For example, schedule 1-to-1 or small group meetings to allow for questions and feedback about new procedures. ‘Return to work’ videos about what employees can expect can also help tremendously.
  3. Partner with HR
    • Many industries have been affected by the shutdowns and government mandates in differing ways. Working closely with HR can help you know what is possible now. For example, is a salesperson allowed to conduct in-person meetings? Industry, geographic and governmental factors all can change the answer to that question. As conditions evolve, RC Search Group can help your organization alleviate post-shutdown recruiting concerns.
  4. Embrace Change
    • Most people can agree that the workplace will not be the same for a while, if ever. Change is uncomfortable, but not always bad. Hybrid scheduling allows companies to cater to those who prefer to work from home while still having them come in periodically for team meetings. This helps build their team while relieving physical office space concerns of a growing workforce.
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