By Stephanie Cox

The extraordinary circumstances in 2020 have challenged hiring managers to find creative ways to onboard their new employees. RC Search Group works with companies to find flexible candidates for these new kinds of remote procedures. We’ve gathered these suggestions for any organization seeking to make new employees feel welcome during their virtual ‘first steps’ with you.

New Employee Care Package

  • A small surprise delivered to the home address of your latest recruit can really make them feel special and included. The first day jitters can be a lot less daunting with a giftcard or a goodie basket with a note from the new hire’s manager!

Zoom Lunch

  • Before the pandemic, many managers would take their new employees out to lunch. A remote option is to use a delivery service to send both you and your team lunch to eat while on Zoom. That way you can still get to know your new employees personally and help them feel included on the team even while working from home.

Regular Manager Meetings

  • It can be difficult for new employees to gauge their efficacy when working remote. Scheduling a regular face-to-face ‘check in’ Zoom meetings for new employees and their immediate managers helps ease any concerns they might have about their direction and job performance.

Structure + Communication

  • Creating and communicating an onboarding schedule helps new teammates stay focused on their next steps at the organization. Getting the direct manager involved can help give your employee a better sense of security and comfort in their new position.
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