By Katie Roth

The biggest factor in the success of any business is the strength of their team. In fact, studies have found a team’s communication and cohesion is more important than individual reasoning and talent! RC Search Group can partner with your firm to build a team that works smarter the better it gets along. We have identified these four questions executives can ask themselves when building a better team.

  1. Where has this candidate excelled in the past?
    • Starting with a holistic view of the candidate helps target what they can add to your team. Their knowledge and skills count, but their team contributions and aptitude determine their overall viability.
  2. What does their past performance say about their future capabilities?
    • The candidates’ ‘team potential’ comes from their willingness to improve their personal specialties. Employee stagnation can kill team morale and productivity. Managers who lead by example can help bring out the potential in their team.
  3. What critical lessons does the candidate need to maximize their full potential?
    • Hiring managers should consider the different types of obstacles the candidate must overcome. A candidate who needs some slight coaching on the technical aspects of the position might be a better choice than one with that has technical mastery but known interpersonal problems.
  4. Would I be comfortable sending some I cared about to work under this person?
    • You can talk yourself into anything, even a bad hire. This question helps you keep perspective when choosing the right candidate. Team cohesion stays strong when both parties like working with the other!
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