By Katie Roth

The search for a new position or a better salary can seem challenging in a year like 2020. What some candidates do not realize is that many companies still have funding for new positions and raises. RC Search Group works with many organizations still looking to hire great candidates. We’ve gathered these key negotiation skills for those seeking a new position or trying to further their career at their existing company.

  1. Respond Thoughtfully
    • Start with opened ended questions regarding the employer’s biggest needs for the position and what kind of person fit well in this position in the past. Then highlight the parts of your experience that matches that criteria. Confront objections with tact. If they don’t feel you qualify for your asking salary, point directly to the areas of your experience that justify it.
  2. Research Your Salary
    • There are multiple online resources like Glassdoor and Payscale you can use to set an optimistic, yet realistic, salary expectation. Iowa Workforce Development has comprehensive salary information by occupation, county and ranges. Click here for the site: Though some candidates worry about ‘pushing it,’ many organizations allocate raises to those who ask.
  3. Hone Your Value Proposition
    • Focus on what you have – not what you lack. For example, many older job seekers feel ‘priced out’ or obsolete in the digital age. Instead, frame yourself from a new perspective. Show the employer you are someone who can apply their wealth of experience to an exciting new challenge at the right place.
  4. Don’t Forget the Benefits
    • If you hit a wall on increasing your salary, try to negotiate alternatives like flex time, deferred comp, vacation, or a signing bonus. All add to your personal ‘bottom line.’
  5. Always Bet on Yourself
    • Modesty will do you no favors in a negotiation! Most of us find it hard to boast about ourselves, so prepare two to three ‘rock star’ examples from your experience to justify it to your potential employer (and yourself!)
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