By Stephanie Cox

It’s the big interview – and you’re nailing it. Then it happens, the interviewer asks ‘do you have any questions for me?’ While this question may seem a little perfunctory, RC Search Group is here to help you show you really want the job. These questions will demonstrate you’re a serious candidate to any employer.

  • What will my first 60 to 90 days look like? What will I be expected to accomplish?
    • The best candidates are ready to get to work right away. This will also indicate how firm the company’s ‘plan’ is for new hires.
  • What are the shared qualities of your stand-out employees?
    • Your ‘fit’ with an organization is key to long-term viability and success. You can connect the employer’s insights to your resume and prior interview questions.
  • What specifically drives success for this organization?
    • Employers want to hire candidates who will contribute to the bottom line. Asking what translates to the bottom line shows you’re focused on what matters to your employer.
  • What is the culture like here?
    • Though you might get a general answer, great candidates want to like what they do and the people they work with.
  • What is the plan for…?
    • During your pre-interview web-research, prepare one question based around a headwind the industry faces. If interviewing with a cable company, for example, a tactful question based on cord cutting or the rise of Netflix can show you ‘did the research.’
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