Job seekers in all stages of their career have met a new challenge in the digital age –rejection by automated gatekeepers when applying for new positions. These systems often overlook qualified candidates when the right information isn’t listed on the applicant’s resume and cover letter. RC Search Group is here to help applicants design impactful applications that will help combat against automatic rejection by these robot-screeners.

  • Try to quantify your past results in terms of dollars, either earned or saved by your efforts.
  • Check the listing and the potential employer’s website for keywords and put them in your resume.
  • Avoid PDFs when uploading cover letters and resumes. Go with text-based applications like Word instead.
  • Make sure your job titles are listed in a way that reflect your increasing responsibility and status.
  • Cover any gaps in your employment history by listing years only instead of both years & months.
  • Build a discreet network of contacts within the company for references.

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