Newer entrants to the job marketplace can’t always afford to be choosy with their first position, especially in a year like 2020. Those who take the job that is available don’t always feel truly matched to the position’s qualifications. RC Search Group  is here to help applicants who feel their first job might not be their forever career.

  1. Recognize Your Frustrations. Your problems can follow you if you’re not quite sure what your problem is with your current position. This can also help clarify your skills and talents for the interview process.
  2. Add to Your Skill Set. Many companies offer paid training or tuition reimbursement. On the job training is valuable as well – take the chance to strengthen areas you might not already be proficient in like business writing or CRM platforms like SalesForce.
  3. Build Your Internal & External Network. A good network always helps in a job search. Your co-workers all know something you can learn and are possible references. Though, use discretion!
  4. Let It Breathe a Little. Every new position is a big adjustment, so give yourself a few months to adjust. Experts recommend giving your first job nine to 12 months, while focusing on your overall satisfaction level.

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Source: Dill, Kathryn. “What to Do When Your First Job Isn’t a Good Fit.” The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones & Company, 28 June 2020,


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